Each month, we will feature an organization, a business or a group that works directly with artisans around the world. This is to offer a platform to other organizations, as well as give you – our customers – something new to look forward to every month!

The ArtSpace has launched a new program called SewingSpace located in a formerly empty warehouse space at HomeFront’s Lawrenceville headquarters. Thanks to volunteers from the community, the warehouse was transformed into a fun and funky SewingSpace where the artists transform recycled materials into creative artworks. The space provides the tools and allows their creative juices to flow. We will have their beautiful aprons, wristlets, pillow-case dresses, bibs, wine bags, cards and original wall art. SewingSpace provides skills and training, income pride and empowerment to individuals who are working so hard to achieve self-sufficiency. ArtSpace SewingSpace is sewing more than cool items…its sewing joy into the souls of their clients’ lives.

Building Self Confidence With Therapeutic Art

Since 1991, HomeFront has helped homeless families to build lives of self-respect, stability and independence by using a comprehensive and holistic approach to ending homelessness in Central New Jersey. HomeFront has become a sophisticated social service agency able to address material needs for shelter, food, and clothing. It has established effective programs to help parents develop educational, vocational and life skills while also opening the world and all its wonderful possibilities to their children.

HomeFront also believes that for a full and rich life, one that truly breaks through the cycle of poverty, you need more than a roof over your head, food for your belly and a paycheck. The human spirit needs nourishment—the power of life’s richness that gives meaning to our day-to-day lives.

The spacious ArtSpace studio is located at the heart of the new HomeFront Family Campus. This warm, light-filled space is the first thing you notice when entering the building, and it welcomes you to look around, join in, and pick up a paint brush. In this non-threatening, non-judgmental environment, with a caring staff and a team of volunteers to prompt and guide them, clients are reminded of their goals and dreams; discover content that is personal, real, and truthful; and foster a sense of joy, creativity, and exuberance.

Through this innovative therapeutic art program, the creative process becomes a tangible tool for self-expression, critical thinking and problem-solving that can transform the lives of the artists. Making art lets us step away from our lives for a moment. It’s a chance to breathe, a chance to reset your system and bring a new reality to an otherwise blank page. All of us as humans need to express ourselves in some way. When there are limits to how you can express yourself, having an outlet where you can create, where you can make art, opens doors to new ways of thinking and helps us to see ourselves in new and beautiful ways. Read Artist Impact Stories.

Buy their products at our Hopewell shop until the end of August, or CONTACT US to schedule a virtual shopping session or to request detail pictures and prices.

To get more information about the Art & Sewing Space, please visit their website.