Seeds to Sew International is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation. The Fair Trade Federation (FTF) is a community of verified businesses that are dedicated to holistic fair trade. This commitment to fair trade means the entire business is socially and environmentally responsible in everything they do. As members of the Fair Trade Federation, our business goes through a rigorous screening and verification process which confirms our commitment to creating positive change through all of our work: socially, economically, and environmentally. We build long-term partnerships that ensure good wages and safe conditions for artisans on the ground, and we strive to be responsible, holistic and inclusive in every aspect of our operation.

Fair Trade Federation (FTF) is a vibrant community of fair trade businesses who go above and beyond to create opportunities for disadvantaged artisans and farmers around the world. Members share expertise and provide mutual support through events, online discussions, mentoring groups, and cross-promotion.

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