Each month, we will feature an organization, a business or a group that works directly with artisans around the world. This is to offer a platform to other organizations, as well as give you – our customers – something new to look forward to every month!

The A Team is a group of adults with disabilities who work together as a team to create and produce goods for sale. All of the proceeds from the sale of their handmade products support Project Autism, an initiative of Hopewell Valley Vineyards and propelled by the work and efforts of the A Team members.

Utilizing recycled materials from the Vineyard and elsewhere, the team works and receives wages in a self supporting program. The sale of the goods that they make not only benefits the A Team through the satisfaction and immediate realization that they too can contribute to society, but the proceeds get reinvested into programs and initiatives for the benefit and betterment of adults with Autism. The A Team works in and is part of the larger local community.

Buy their products at our Hopewell shop until the end of July, or CONTACT US to schedule a virtual shopping session or to request detail pictures and prices.

To get more information about the A Team and the Project Autism initiative please visit the Hopewell Valley Vineyards website.