Githomo & Kiondo

Githomo gifts are handcrafted items, which are both native and traditional to the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya. They are made out of natural fibers such as sisal, banana tree bark, grass, sticks, corn husk or any other natural material readily available in resource-rich parts of Kenya such as the Mount Kenya area.

Women in the Mount Kenya region create these handmade gifts as a way to pay for school fees for girls in their area who would otherwise not have a chance to go to school.

Kiondos are traditional baskets made by a group of women in Mt.Kenya area. These unique colorful baskets are handmade of sisal harvested from scratch and recycled plastic. The strap is made of natural cow hide. Kiondos are extremely strong and durable.

Use it to pick up produce at your local farmer’s market, as a beach bag, or a decorative piece in your home. Kiondos are a great storage solution for blankets, dog toys, kindling or or other items around the house.

Githomo gifts

Kiondo baskets