Florence Wanjiku Ihuthia

“The Enkiteng sewing program has helped me already as I am able to pay school fees for my kids and buy food for all of us. Thank you for buying our products! You are making our dreams a reality.”

~ Florence Wanjiku Ihuthia

Florence Wanjiku Ihuthia

Florence Wanjiku Ihuthia is one of the seamstresses in our Enkiteng Program in Nyeri. She joined the sewing program in summer 2015 and started learning how to sew by making Enkiteng bags (cloth gift wrapping bags) using donated fabric. She has now graduated to making the Enkiteng bags out of Kitenge fabric, as well as new products such as Kitenge knapsacks, shopping bags, wrap-skirts and other products made of Kitenge.

Florence lives in Kamakwa, Nyeri County, Kenya with her two children. She is separated from her husband.

Florence grew up with 6 siblings, and her parents could not afford to pay for high school for all of their children. Florence put herself through high school without much assistance, but was constantly in debt, and paid for her high school education years after graduating, thus making further education impossible.

Prior to joining the Seeds to Sew Enkiteng Program, she made and sold laundry detergent, but this did not prove to be lucrative as her product would move very slowly. Additionally, she has sold vegetables to make an income but a recent local drought has affected her income. Through the Seeds to Sew program, she has been able to further develop her business skills. She hopes to purchase land as well as livestock through savings and the program, which she feels would help provide a stable income.

When asked what she would like to change in her community, it is the alcoholism that is ruining too many families.

“I am thankful to Seed to Sew program for the 5 years that I have been in the program. When I joined the program my daughter was in class 3 and now she is in class 8. I am grateful for being able to pay for her school fees with my earnings from the Enkiteng Program. My son is now in college

I am separated from my husband and I am still able to feed my children and pay the house rent. I pray that Seed to Sew will continue to help us to better our lives even more.

I have been able to start a small green grocer shop and it is helping me very much.”