Anastaciah Wangeci Maina

“The Enkiteng sewing program has helped me a lot – I am now able to buy food for my family, and also help my mother who separated from my dad.”

~ Anastaciah Wangeci Maina

Anastaciah Wangeci Maina

Anastaciah Wangeci Maina is one of the seamstresses in our Enkiteng Program in Nyeri. She joined the sewing program in summer 2015 and started learning how to sew by making Enkiteng bags (cloth gift wrapping bags) using donated fabric. She has now graduated to making the Enkiteng bags out of Kitenge fabric, as well as new products such as Kitenge knapsacks, shopping bags, wrap-skirts, aprons, face masks and other products made of Kitenge.

Anastaciah lives in Kandara, Nyeri County, Kenya, with her husband and their children. She did not have the opportunity to enter high school due to a separated family, finances and traditional customs. Due to her lack of education, she has not had the opportunity to gain many skills.

In addition to the income she gets from the Enkiteng Program, she does laundry and housework in her community in order to make additional income. Through the Seeds to Sew program, she has learned a number of business skills. While she plans to continue to grow her family, she would like to open a secondhand store downtown. She hopes to provide her children with a better life than she had. Currently, they live in a rental, she would like to save up money to buy land and build a nice house for the family to live in.

March 2021:

I thank the Enkiteng program very much. When I joined the program, I did not know how to sew anything. I started with the Enkiteng bags and now I can sew skirts, aprons, knapsacks, shopping bags and face masks made of Kitenge fabric.

Enkiteng program have really helped me improve the life of my family. Before I joined I had to depend on my husband for everything, now I can buy food for the family, pay school fees for my son and buy clothes for my children. When I joined I had one son now I have two sons and I am very happy because I can take care of them unlike before joining the program.

I have a plan of starting my own small business and through Enkiteng program I know I will one day start.