Our Programs

We are currently working with women and girls in two subsistence farming villages in rural Kenya.

One is a Maasai village in Transmara District (Enoosaen near Kilgoris) and the other (Kamakwa near Nyeri) is a Kikuyu town in the Central District.

Job Skills Training


In our tailoring program, participating women learn to sew as well as basic business skills. We purchase products that the seamstresses make, which provides them with a sustainable income and all additional proceeds from the sale of the products are reinvested in the sewing program in the form of rent, shipping, training and materials.

  • Enkiteng bags – reusable gift wrapping bags made of donated fabric
  • Kitenge reusable shopping bags and knapsacks
  • Kitenge aprons and wrap skirts
  • Kitenge zipper pouches and other products

Goal of the tailoring program is to help the participating women become skilled seamstresses as well as independent, empowered, active members of their local economy.

In rural Kenya where we work, cultural traditions and economic barriers often prevent girls from attending primary and secondary school.

With the ability to generate income, girls can overcome these hurdles and continue their education as they are able to pay for school fees and other school-related expenses. We make it possible by selling the products made by the participants in our programs.

  • Enkisoma beads – traditional Maasai jewelry
  • Githomo crafts – handcrafted gifts made of natural materials
  • Kiondo baskets – handwoven baskets made of recycled plastic

Thanks to generous donors, we are able to sponsor the most needy and academically motivated girls all the way through university.