Emma and Sabrina of Girl Scout Troop 80209

Emma and Sabrina of Girl Scout Troop 80209 surrounded by their collection of school supplies

Over the last 6 months, Emma and Sabrina of the Girl Scout troop #80209 from Girl Scout Service Unit 86 collected papers, notebooks, binders, sketch papers, rulers, pens, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, stickers, coloring pencils, crayons, soaps and other school supplies as a part of their Girl Scout Silver Award!

Congratulations for receiving the Silver Award and thank you for choosing Seeds to Sew International as your organization! You are making a huge difference in this world!

We are grateful for Emma’s and Sabrina’s enthusiasm, continued support and their parents’ tremendous help!

Emma and Sabrina collected the school supplies at their Girl Scout troop meetings, Hunterdon County 4-H, Shields Gymnastics and East Amwell Township School. We will be shipping the supplies to be distributed among the schools that we work with in rural Kenya.


As a service project last year, Emma’s younger sister’s Girl Scout Troop 80337 also collected school supplies which we distributed among several schools in the Mt. Kenya area. Below are a few pictures of the happy recipients.

If you know of a group who would like to get involved with our organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let’s explore the possibilities! There are many projects that we need help with, anything from online research to decorating “shopping” bags with stamps and drawings, to sorting inventory or assembling products for sale like sorting Enkisoma bracelets or Enkiteng bags (cloth gift wrapping bags).

If you are interested in raising money for our organization, we will supply products for sale, as well as any supporting literature and signage.  Contact us today and help us help more girls stay in school!