Because teaching to fish is better than just giving food…


This July, students from Hopewell Valley Central HS will be traveling to Keroka, Kenya to establish a new sewing program for Seeds to Sew, deliver school supplies and soccer balls, and make global connections.

This student trip with Kenyan-born CHS teacher Dr. Angwenyi has happened several times before, but this year is extra special as student emissaries will be establishing a new program for women in the village where Dr. Angwenyi was born and raised. This new local-global partnership will provide skills training and economic opportunity for the program participants and the whole community!

They have a growing array of unique graduation gifts, Seeds to Sew products, and Father’s Day treasures at CHANCE on Main, and 10% OF YOUR PURCHASE will be donated to the Global Connections Kenya and Seeds to Sew efforts in Keroka area.

To celebrate this partnership, CHANCE on Main are also giving you 10% OFF anything in the store with an elephant. And they love elephants… they have pants, journals, tapestries and more!

Thursday-Saturday, June 16-18, 11:00-5:00 • •

The Story of CHANCE on Main

CHANCE started with a boy whose contributions are many, but whose skills and needs do not exactly match up with society’s expectations for full employment. Tyler revealed that with a little more time, understanding, and perspective, others might take a second look. He just needed a chance to show what he could do. Because not speaking is not the same as having nothing to say, Something to Say Art was born out of a boy’s satisfaction with a paintbrush.

There are many others like this boy.

Others whose talents and contributions can be better revealed with a little more time, understanding or opportunity.

And a place to share those talents: CHANCE on Main.chance on main

CHANCE on Main strives to feature irresistible finds that support chances for an individual, a cause or to mother earth through meaningful work, earth-friendly and sustainable practices, and creativity. We celebrate handmade, organic, recycled and repurposed, fair trade, charitable, made in USA, and local. And we share the stories behind our featured wares, because the stories are as important as the products. Given a chance, everyone has something to say.

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