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Posted by Charlotte Prud’Homme
Apr. 19, 2016

This unique jewelry statement is a fashionable, socially ethical purchase. Each bracelet purchased helps girls in Kenya avoid child marriage and continue their education. 100% of proceeds pays school fees. It’s simple, more bracelets sold = more girls can go to school. More girls go to school = happier, healthier communities. Empower women and girls by supporting their education and purchasing these handmade artisan crafts from Seeds to Sew International.

Empower Women and Girls With This Purchase

KCE girls

Typically in Maasai culture, girls are forced to undergo female genital mutilation and are married off to older men in polygamous households. Girls suffer from unwanted pregnancies, HIV, and the psychological and physical trauma that lasts a lifetime after FGM. Or, they bead Enkisoma (meaning Education) bracelets, which are bought by people like you, and pay for their school fees. You can be a storyteller and pass along the love, if you tell 5 others – someone else will buy a bracelet.



It’s A Conversation Starting Kind of Summer Accessory

Custom Bracelets made for American University in Washington, D.C.Enkisoma_AMERICAN_closeup
Seeds to Sew Enkisoma beaded bracelets and dog collars are easy to customize!

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Each Bracelet is Unique and Hand Made

Summer Accessory

Girls in Enoosaen, Kenya bead in the traditional Maasai fashion to pay for their school fees. While embracing their culture, they are also reshaping the paradigm around girls and school.

By beading these bracelets that are sold in the states to people like YOU, they pay for their own school fees and avoid female genital mutilation, child marriage, unwanted teen pregnancies, and polygamous households experiencing high rates of HIV.

You can TRANSFORM the life of a girl through bracelet purchases for your self, your office party, wedding or bridal shower gifts!

Empower women, change the world.


Enkisoma Bracelets are for everybody!

Summer Accessory

Enkisoma is a Maasai word for “Education”.

They also make great key chain rings, napkin holders, ornaments, etc.